Grand Junction

Senior Theatre

June 15th - 7:00PM and June 16th - 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM

at the Robinson Theatre - Moss Performing Center

Colorado Mesa University


Character Descriptions:


Sir Hector Croquet - An English Gentleman of Leisure that married into money. Loves planning things without consulting his wife.


Lady Davinia Croquet - A little grumpy - mostly due to being married to Hector. Born and raised in the American South and brought to London as a teenager by her wealthy and socially ambitious mother.


Trellis Trelawney - A no-nonsense showgirl from London. Star of the stage and she knows it!


Baroness Svetlana Gorianova - A Russian Countess and seductress that really knows her jewels. But pay attention to that accent. It may betray her real roots.


Bouffant Éclair - A French theatrical impresario, a colossal pain in the bum, a huge fan of emeralds, and in grave need of money.


Twitter Fortesque - An explorer of questionable repute, also in grave need of money.


Petunia Fawcett-Ellington - Davinia’s sister, a heavy drinker, and leech on the Croquet household.


Lettis Croquet - Daughter of Hector and Davinia. While not exactly the brightest candle in the chandelier, she is the more-than-willing center of attention of several men.


Peregrine Barrington-Smythe - A real cad. Dashing, debonair, athletic. Also in grave need of money. Nobody seems to be able to get his name right.


Inspector Topiary - An uncompromising policewoman that would give Colombo a run for his money.


Sergeant Manners - A somewhat slow country policeman, but can really hold her own at the scene of a crime.


Glossop the Butler - A doddery old family retainer that can’t seem to hang on to anything. Loves to sneak up on members of the household and scare the daylights out of them.


Judge Grimble Doggerel - A judge. The same grasp of real-life as the rest of her profession.


Percy Farquar - Learned Prosecution Counsel of great renown.


Gervase Trimble - Learned Defence Counsel who just loves to object.


Usher - Court official in a permanent state of exasperation. The rest of the court is more than a little intimidated by her.


Maid - Old-fashioned English housemaid with a flair for the dramatic.


Cook - Belligerent, and pretty handy with a frying pan when she needs to be!




Staying Young at Heart.

The Theatre group for

the 50 plus crowd.

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All our performers are members of the GJST. Membership dues are just $10 per year!


Grand Junction Senior Theatre began in 1996 with a Follies style production, at the Avalon Theatre in Grand Junction, CO. The original cast of 35 local enthusiasts, supported by local musicians and other talented folk, was a great success.


We are a volunteer run, non-profit organization, with a Board of Directors. We actively seek sponsorships, grants and donations to assist in offsetting the costs of our productions. If you would like to get involved please contact us by email or phone.



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